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Caleb Crawford


Advisor:  Dr. Michael Eichholz

Spatial anCaleb Crawfordd Reproductive Ecology of Northern Bobwhites in Southern Illinois

Many grassland bird species have declined since the early 1930’s as a result of decreased quantity and quality of available grassland habitat. The northern bobwhite (Colinus virginianus) is a highly researched and managed upland game bird found throughout the eastern United States and Great Plains. Even though bobwhites receive significant attention and are one of the most studied bird species in the world, populations have continued to decline significantly. Therefore, it is important to identify how management practices and restoration efforts influence bobwhite populations.

My research involves monitoring habitat management and restoration practices along with using radio telemetry to track movements of radio collared bobwhites. I am specifically interested in how management practices and restoration efforts impact habitat selection, nest site selection, nest success, and survival. It is important to understand the mechanisms by which changes in management practices and increased restoration efforts influence bobwhite populations. This will help guide and improve future management actions and recommendations to help stabilize and increase bobwhite populations.