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  • Alagaili, A. N., N. C. Bennett, O. B. Mohammed, I. S. Zalmout, and J. G. Boyles. 2017. Body temperature patterns of a small endotherm in an extreme desert environment. Journal of Arid Environments 137:16-20.

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  • Boyles, J. G., E. Boyles, R. K. Dunlap, S. A. Johnson, and V. Brack, Jr. 2017. Long-term microclimate measurements add further evidence there is no “optimal” temperature for bat hibernation. Mammalian Biology 86:9-16.
  • Brown, J. L., D. J. Hill, M. A. Dolan, A. C. Carnaval, and A. M. Haywood. 2018.  PaleoClim, high spatial resolution paleoclimate surfaces for global land areas. Nature Scientific Data:in press.
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  • Holland, A., E. Schauber, C. Nielsen, and E. Hellgren. In press.   Occupancy dynamics of semi-aquatic herbivores in riparian systems in Illinois, USA. Ecosphere.
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  • Morin, D. J., D. B. Lesmeister, C. K. Nielsen, and E. M. Schauber. 2018. The truth about cats and dogs: Landscape composition and human occupation mediate the distribution and potential impacts of non-native carnivores. Global Ecology and Conservation

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